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The Tarantula Project is an international (at least it's planned as such) project, that aims at offering every available information of scientific relevance, including pictures and drawings, of every tarantula species described, from one place. For an effective search for special information these information will be gathered in a database.


Current status (03/17/2001)

  Status Priority
Conception Currently, we're working on an improved conception. highest
Website/Design The basis is temporarily comleted. Will be extended/changed in the near future - cooperation is always appreciated! medium
Database We're currently moving to a new database system (DB2) on a new host. Thanks to Alexander Müller for this one. high
Database interface Currently, complete rewrite from scratch. We're moving from PHP/MySQL to JSP/DB2. Cooperation is always appreciated! very high
Contents Currently, we have about 40 descriptions. Some of them are online (see: Liste aller erfassten Arten (list of available descriptions)). The rest will follow within a short time.
We urgently need more descriptions!
very high
Translations This project should be available in as many languages as possible. We urgently need translators! high
Scientific advice Scientific advisory has been assumed by Volker von Wirth. Further advisors are welcome! medium


"The Tarantula Project" - The Team

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Any cooperation and support is always greatly appreciated.
If you're interested in further information, just send a mail to our project lead or to the mailinglist of the Tarantula Project.